Roth Stock Digital Media

Film Production

Working in Hollywood since 1995, Lee Roth has amassed a wealth of relationships with entertainers, executives and creatives at all levels of the entertainment industry. It is these relationships that Roth draws upon today. We seek to bring quality content to market that will engage audiences on all platforms.

  • We require a one-sheet and total budget amount FIRST, which will ensure a quicker response.

Event Photography

At Roth Stock Digital Media, our still photographers are specialists in live event coverage, production and publicity stills for television and movies, celebrity and executive portfolios, private glamour sessions, corporate functions and trade shows. Published in magazines, entertainment and news programming worldwide, our photographers are available for assignment wherever your needs may take us.

We’re Press … Not Paparazzi. There’s a Difference!

Our Thanks to Lisa Osborn for this great interview!
  • NOTE: Of course, I didn’t reveal the real tricks of the trade! 😉 – Lee

Roth Stock Digital Media provides photos to print media, online & mobile, broadcast & cable, and feature films.

Explore our Photo Blog for just a very small taste of the event photography services we offer.