Event Photographers in Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada

Roth Stock Pictures got its start in 1995 as Roth Stock Digital Media. While the term “Digital Media” was all the rage when we got started, today, if you’re in media and you’re not digital, you’re a dinosaur destined for extinction!

Roth Stock Pictures: Event Photographers in Hollywood, California

While our focus will always remain in photography, the word “Pictures” allows us to continue our growth in film and video as well. If it’s good enough for Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures, it’s certainly good enough for us!

Working in Hollywood for more than 20 years, Lee Roth has developed relationships with people at all levels of the entertainment industry from studio executives, producers, directors and writers to talent and all sorts of crew members. It is these relationships that Roth Stock Pictures draws upon today.

MISSION: We seek to bring quality content to market that will engage audiences on all platforms.

At Roth Stock Pictures, our professional photographers cover a wide array of live events throughout Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada including; movie premieres, awards shows, charity benefits, production stills for television and movies, festivals, concerts, comedy shows, sports, event activations, corporate branding, conferences, conventions and more.

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