MISSION: We seek to bring quality content to market that will engage audiences on all platforms.

Roth Stock Pictures got its start in 1995 as Roth Stock Digital Media. While the term “Digital Media” was all the rage when we got started, today, if you’re in media and you’re not digital, you’re a dinosaur destined for extinction!

Roth Stock Pictures: Event Photographers in Hollywood, California

Film Development and Production Services

“All you need is a good script and a synopsis, keyword being “good,” and we have all the parts needed take you all the way to the awards shows!” — Lee Roth, Development Executive / Producer.

  • We seek original stories, no sequels or derivatives
  • All genres
  • Diverse Cast
  • Strong female leads are welcome
  • Projects with a socially conscious message receive priority consideration

We Are The Bridge Between Creative and Business

In the film and television business, think of Roth Stock Pictures as the bridge between creative and business. We are story driven first and foremost. That is always our main priority. However, once a good story has been identified, our instincts quickly turn mercenary in order to get your project financed and into theaters, on broadcast and cable, streaming, in hotel and airline systems, and anywhere else we can get your content in front of an audience!

Roth Stock Pictures: Engaging Audiences on All Platforms!

Projects in Development


PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept unsolicited materials. Please send an initial inquiry using our Film Development Inquiry page.