Ted 2 – Lots of Fun

Went to an early screening tonight and a small after-party with some of the other extras. There are definitely some funny moments in this movie! If you work in Hollywood, there are a lot of insider gags and walk-ons. Having photographed most of the references, and knowing many of them, it made it really fun.

Finally! I now understand what the heck was going on in the scene I was in! Yes, I made the cut, at least three times that I could tell. But they’re quick … I mean really quick! Were the movie shot on film, those three appearances might, I say MIGHT, use up 57 frames … together! LOL

UPDATED 6/26/15-7:50am: Here’s a post from right after we shot in Los Angeles last November. I couldn’t say much then, “… until after the movie is released.” Well, that’s officially today. So now that the muzzle if off on this one, watch for a “Making Of” blog coming this weekend. 🙂