EduSkate Foundation: Bringing Skateparks to School Campuses

EduSkate Foundation Launches New WebSite

Roth Stock Digital Media is pleased to announce the launch of a completely redesigned website for the EduSkate Foundation.

EduSkate Foundation: Bringing Skateparks to School Campuses

“With the start of the new school year, we wanted to present a fresh face to our mission of building skateparks on school campuses,” said co-founder Greg Delger. “We have so much fun stuff planned for our students at Le Conte Middle School this year. We’re so excited, we even updated our logo as a sign of the fun to come!”

Spohn Ranch: Le Conte Skatepark
Spohn Ranch designed and built the skatepark at Joseph Le Conte Middle School in Hollywood, Calfornia.

“Roth Stock Digital Media is very honored to assist the EduSkate Foundation with their new website, so much so that I have accepted an invitation to join their board of directors as the new Director of Media Relations,” said Lee Roth, executive producer. “We are looking forward to assisting Greg Delger, Lance Bowling and Saul Chorro achieve their dream of bringing skateparks to school campuses nationwide.”