Labyrinth Of Jareth Masquerade Ball – Part 2 Tease

So … the blog for “Early Saturday” (with 160 photos) seems to have been hotly anticipated. When it was finally ready to publish, at 10:30pm Monday night, there was a serious debate about whether to publish right away, or wait for morning.

From an online publisher’s viewpoint, you must always take stock of the intended audience demographic then, consider day of the week and time of day as to when to publish. Our normal habit on weekdays is to hold a post overnight and publish at 6:30am PT for our East Coast friends to have fresh stuff in the morning, and so on across the country, as we feel America needs a little mischief each morning before going to work! 😉

There are definitely times when being executive producer has its benefits, like when debates begin to go in circles! I stood my ground — after all it IS mine! 😉 😉 — and hit the Publish button, then shared it on Facebook. The reaction was immediate!intense! … and sustained throughout the entire day Tuesday into Wednesday afternoon.

There were more than 2300 page views before the server log rolled over to Tuesday 90 minutes later! 😮 😀

So here is a BIG THANK YOU to all who helped blast test our servers! They held up admirably with 100% uptime despite the pounding!

Yet, before the celebration got too out of hand in the tech room, I reminded people, “Hey! That was just the first one! We’ve got 4 or 5 more to go on this story!”

That caution, and the exquisite detail of the costumes worn by Alivia Hunter, Catherine Madinger and Steven Wingert definitely brought them back to reality … at least … a Labyrinth Of Jareth kind of reality anyway. 😉

(L-R) Alivia Hunter, Catherine Madinger and Steven Wingert attend the 18th Annual Labyrinth Of Jareth Masquerade Ball
(L-R) Alivia Hunter, Catherine Madinger and Steven Wingert

We LOVE all our new LOJ friends! ❤ 🙂

Stay tuned for Part 2 … coming very, very soon to a browser near you … Yay! 😀