BFCA’s 10th Annual Critic’s Choice Awards

As Awards Season is about to get into full swing after the first of the year, I thought we might as well get started a little early! Here’s a post from our Red Carpet Photographer Archives at HollyNet.Com.

Red Carpet Photographer Archives

Broadcast Film Critics Association’s 10th Annual Critic’s Choice Awards

Wiltern Theatre
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The Broadcast Film Critics Association (BFCA) holds one of the early nominations announcements and awards ceremonies, the Critic’s Choice Awards, in the crowd of events known in Hollywood as Awards Season. With the awards ceremony traditionally held in early January each year, it is often looked to for signals about future awards later in the season. As the voters are not performers nor of the trade guilds, however, they don’t always match up with those from the guilds.

Yet there is always a line of A-List talent on the carpet, this year including Virginia Madsen.

 arrives at the Virginia MadsenBroadcast Film Critics Association 10th Annual Critic's Choice Awards Virginia Madsen

Tim Robbins was in a happy mood while sporting the 2nd-day shadow look.

Tim Robbins arrives at the Broadcast Film Critics Association 10th Annual Critic's Choice Awards Tim Robbins

Sophia Bush

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