Photo Shoot for the U.S. Census Bureau

Have you been thinking about the 2020 Census yet? Your Federal Government has!

Editing photos from this week’s very vital photo assignment from PR Newswire, and the Feds have decided I’m not so much of a risk after all. So I can now say I have been photographing for the United States Census Bureau. I cannot talk about the project details, but I can say the photos I shot will be appearing in internal training courses, advertising, promotional and educational materials.

U.S. Census Bureau - Los Angeles Test Site Documentation
U.S. Census Bureau – Los Angeles Test Site Documentation

The shoot was in an office setting on Wednesday. Thursday, we shot at a very nice home in South Pasadena, before heading out to the streets and rooftops of Los Angeles to capture stock shots of diversity, economy recovery, and economic misery.

I have also been given permission to publish a blog, which will most certainly pull at your heart as I show you images of Los Angeles at it’s best, and personal suffering on the streets of this country that simply should not exist here.

The point of this part of the shoot is that YOUR participation in providing accurate information is vital to how all of this gets addressed by YOUR U.S. Government. It was a day full of extremes that I am not likely to forget.

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