LA’s Sexiest Plumbers on German TV

My first reaction when contacted for this shoot for German television was, “Yes, I do shoot models, but I don’t shoot men!” #thenthishappened

Redway Brothers (L-R) Owen, Drew and Leonard - LA's Sexiest Plumbers
Redway Brothers (L-R) Owen, Drew and Leonard – LA’s Sexiest Plumbers

Once they explained the concept, behind the scenes of a photo shoot of the annual calendar for “LA’s Sexiest Plumbers” from LR Services Plumbing, I was hooked! 😀

Leonard Redway - LA's Sexiest Plumbers
Leonard Redway – LA’s Sexiest Plumbers

For me, here’s the weird part, being from Hollywood and all … these guys are not professional models, or even wannabe actors. They are real plumbers … and they have the tools to prove it! 😉 😉

Drew Redway - LA's Sexiest Plumbers
Drew Redway – LA’s Sexiest Plumbers

You see, this is a family run business of fourth-generation plumbers. After being told what gorgeous plumbers they were too many times to count, they had the brilliant marketing idea to publish a calendar. As a company dedicated to giving back to the community, the calendars double as a very effective fundraising tool for a variety of charities.

Owen Redway - LA's Sexiest Plumbers
Owen Redway – LA’s Sexiest Plumbers

With luck, and your support, this photographer just may be selected to shoot the 20th Anniversary Calendar for 2017. So slam them with comments on their LRS Plumbers Facebook page for me will ya?! ❤ 😀 😀 😀

Leonard Redway - LA's Sexiest Plumbers
Leonard Redway – LA’s Sexiest Plumbers

Here’s a fun article written a few years ago … L.A. Plumbers Bare More Than Crack In Scandalous Wall Calendar — But Who’s Drooling (hat tip to Simone Wilson at LA Weekly).

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