Connie Cycling Foundation Training Future Champions

There are so many specialties in photography, viewers are generally not aware of what it takes to get. that. shot! Having only shot inside a velodrome once before, for Connie Cycling Foundation (CCF) a few weeks prior to this shoot (photo blog), I was eager to get back to the oval and see if I could outperform the earlier session with different camera settings and a more educated eye for composition. I think it worked! 😉

Albert Robles, Carlos Robles and Luis Robles
(L-R) Cyclists Albert Robles, Carlos Robles and Luis Robles

Shooting with only the available fluorescent lighting presented some challenges, but the riders were having fun, and that’s what counted most in these photos, which are to be used in promotions and advertising for the foundation.

CCF trains cyclists at the StubHub! Center in Carson, California which, along with the LA84 Foundation, is a Youth Cycling Program Founding Partner.

Connie Cycling Foundation
(L-R) Cyclists Katie Russalov, Kyla Novak and Kira Russalov

The Velo Sports Center is an Official Olympic Training Facility.

Connie Cycling Foundation
(L-R) Cyclists Kayla Novak, Katie Russalov and (top) Kira Russalov

From the CCF website: World Champion and Olympic medalist, Connie Paraskevin, is sharing her passion for sport!  Through CCF, she aims to inspire kids to get on a bike and ride.

Cyclists Katie Russalov, Connie Paraskevin, Kayla Novak and Kira Russalov
(L-R) Cyclists Katie Russalov, Connie Paraskevin, Kayla Novak and Kira Russalov

“Whether it’s around the neighborhood or around the Olympic track; it doesn’t matter.” says Connie.  “What matters is that kids ride.”

Velo Sports Center
Velo Sports Center

Thanks to a partnership with the LA84 Foundation and support from The StubHub Center, CCF has introduced over 5,000 kids to the sport of cycling.

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