Joker Is Most Definitely, Absolutely Not a Superhero Movie!

Wow! OK … We’ll start with that!

Next? The controversy …
Did Warner Bros. Entertainment​ glorify the character?
Most definitely, absolutely not!
Did they adore the character and put him up on a pedestal?
Well … there’s that one scene …

This is most definitely, absolutely -NOT- a superhero movie!

Joker ​ is a deep dive character study into a deeply, deeply flawed character. It is gritty. It has surprises. It has violence, and blood. It has … [no spoilers allowed!] 🤐😳🤣

The origin story is there. And so is the foundation for a continued exploration of this character.

Joaquin Phoenix has undeniably put his stamp on the Joker and made this version of the character uniquely his own. His maniacal laugh evolves throughout the story and at times appears almost physically painful. Combine his performance with Joaquin’s gaunt appearance from the weight loss he went through for to play the part … YES … the awards buzz is warranted.

GO SEE THIS MOVIE‼️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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To me, this statement hits at the core of what makes this interpretation so different … and so chilling!

“But Phoenix’ Joker is arguably the most sinister because he is accounted for and explained in the most social-realistic terms.” — Simi Horowitz, The Hollywood Reporter

After watching this film, you will never listen to this song the same way … ever again!

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