What’s Up With the Digital Creator Moniker?

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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Just didn’t have a lot of good news … until now! 😉

People have asked me about this new “Digital Creator” label I’ve taken on. Bear with me … this one’s a read!

NFTs are available at opensea.io/rothstock_ai

My career in Hollywood has always been enabled by early adoption of new technologies.

I started using computers in 7th grade, not too long after they were reduced in size from occupying an entire room for a single computer. The ones I started on were from IBM. They were about 3 feet wide and sounded like an old teletype in newsrooms of the day.

— There was no hard drive. It punched holes in a 3/4″ wide strip of paper. Roll that up on a pencil. THAT’s your hard drive!

— The CRT monitors weighed at least 50 pounds, with a dark green screen and bright green text.

— We played Star Trek by math coordinates and thought we were 🔥💩.

— Who knew graphics were coming⁉️😳

— The chess club thought we were nerds‼️🙄

I’ve been using email since 1986 on AOL. I was introduced to the world wide web in December 1994, and launched a web studio the following month, on January 1, 1995 … one of the first in the industry.

So … the Hollywood thing …

In 1997, I won a web design contest for HBO’s U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. When I submitted my contest entry, JavaScript was about 10 days old, and Photoshop v3.0 was released about two weeks before my submission.

In October that year, I produced the first live stream from UNDER U.S. waters with Jean Michele-Cousteau’s satellite team at Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara, CA … on October 24, 1997 …TWENTY FIVE YEARS AGO TODAY‼️🎉🎊

A few weeks later, I got my introduction in Hollywood from actor/comedian Sinbad, and with him on his TV talk show VIBe, produced the 1st Late Night Talk Show to go live online. I installed the computers and moderated the chatrooms. At the time, I was one of three people in Los Angeles who could live stream.

In 1999, I took on digital photography and in 2001, became a press photographer carrying the second digital camera onto the red carpets at Hollywood’s most prestigious events. By 2002, I transitioned to being a full-time photojournalist in entertainment.

By 2015, that led to producing movies with a focus on development and other related business dealings.

I’ve always said that because I’m not a large corporation, I don’t have to wait for committee approvals. When I see new technology that interests me, I try it out. If it works, I implement it.

That’s what this change is all about. Today, the entertainment industry is now ready for artificial intelligence, and new markets with NFTs.

I’m not first this time … but I WILL be in the lead‼️😎

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