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If you scroll down through the past blogs, you will notice there are … well … gaps in time! I’ve decided that for 2023, I’ll be better at posting here more frequently.

Part of the reason/problem, is not that I don’t feel like writing. It’s that social media has become too convenient to just quickly post a short something or other, and I end up neglecting this blog, where I may share things in greater detail here.

More soon … I promise!😝

Artificial Intelligence Design Services

The newest news is regarding our introduction of artificial intelligence (ai) design services.

While there is a lot of controversy regarding the technology, and whether it is misappropriating the work of others, my reply is that with every technology, there are abusers who take it in directions not intended by the software developers. Social media is a perfect example. You can also look at Napster as an earlier example of good technology turned bad.

In our work with AI Design creating our Custom Cars AI Collection (Facebook Link), we are careful to create only from text prompts, strictly observing the following rules:

  • No Brand Names
  • No Car Makes or Models
  • No Source Photos

New Custom Cars AI Merch Store Is Open

Shop for Custom Cars AI Merch at Lee-Roth.Pixels.Com
An early-1950’s silver passenger sedan on a city street at night with bokeh, created using artificial intelligence. No brand names, makes, models, or source photos were used in creating this image.

In November, we opened both an Online Merch Store, and began syndicating the images through Adobe Stock, where you may license the images for commercial use.

Custom Cars AI Images Available for Licensing via Adobe Stock

Custom Cars AI -- Now Available to License for Commercial Use at Adobe Stock!
Custom Cars AI — Now Available to License for Commercial Use at Adobe Stock!

Film Production

This past year has seen the reopening of film production, but the industry is still undergoing massive changes in marketing and distribution. Theaters are back open, but boxoffice tallies this year are behind 2021 boxoffice, and that was with a number of theaters still closed on lockdown.

For now, we are not accepting scripted series beyond limited projects. With two moderate-budgets on our slate at this time, both of them will require theatrical distribution, so … wait for the studios to clear their backlogs.

For the time being, feature film and limited series submissions are by invitation only. We are seeking projects with budgets from $1M to $5M in the following genres only; action/adventure, thriller, comedy, and horror … in that order.

If you have a developed script and first funds, we can move your project into production very fast. Use our Contact Form to send an inquiry.

Please note: Send only a logline with your inquiry. No synopses, decks, or scripts unless requested. Unsolicited materials will be deleted unopened.