Reopening Hollywood in a COVID World

Reopening Hollywood in a COVID World

Latest Update: December 23, 2020 In today's world of COVID-19, restarting television and film production is a topic facing close analysis worldwide. From logistics to craft service to wardrobe and even director's chairs, everything about production is being scrutinized. Lee Roth and Roth Stock Pictures have been following the topic closely since mid-April, when Lee …

25 Years … and Counting!

Santa Monica Pier Sunset on New Years Eve 2020

New Year, New Cameras, New Projects January 1, 2020: As the sun sets on 2019 and we celebrate 25 years of creating entertaining content, it's time to reflect on the past a bit, highlight new low-light mirrorless cameras, and look forward to our projects in development. Lee Roth: Creating Entertaining Content Since 1995 Lee Roth …

Even Francis Ford Coppola Had Difficulties Getting Films Made!

Apocalypse Now: Final Cut

At a recent Q&A for Apocalypse Now: Final Cut, Francis Ford Coppola made a comment about film finance that goes to the heart of independent filmmaking. He said that even with The Godfather under his belt, and Oscars for both The Godfather and The Godfather: Part II he -still- had difficulty finding funding for Apocalypse Now! Cell …

Joker Is Most Definitely, Absolutely Not a Superhero Movie!

Joker: Now Playing

Wow! OK ... We'll start with that! Next? The controversy ... Did Warner Bros. Entertainment​ glorify the character? Most definitely, absolutely not! Did they adore the character and put him up on a pedestal? Well ... there's that one scene ... This is most definitely, absolutely -NOT- a superhero movie! Joker ​ is a deep …

So Just What is Film Development Anyway?

Roth Stock Pictures: Film Development and Production Services

Roth Stock Pictures Our intention is to keep you updated on projects we’re working on, and to provide resources for filmmakers who are seeking information about how to get their film or television projects into production. In short, that’s what we do! Consider us a one-stop-shop for development and production services. Whatever pieces you already …

PRESS RELEASE: Roth Stock Pictures Commits to Film Industry

Roth Stock Pictures - Engaging Audiences on All Platforms

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Lee Roth Roth Stock Pictures Expands into Film Development and Production Services From Development Funding To the Awards Shows! HOLLYWOOD, CA – JUNE 29, 2018 — Roth Stock Pictures is very pleased to announce a new relationship with Moving Pictures Media Group (MPMG) to provide development and production services to the motion […]

18th Annual Governor’s Black-Tie Invitational Benefit Concert by Keith Urban

18th Annual Governor's Black Tie Invitational Benefit Concert by Keith Urban

On assignment for LV Photo, after dinner, community honors and a charity auction that raised more than $1,000,000 during the evening, the 18th Annual Governors's Black-Tie Invitational - Grand Bash wrapped up the night with a benefit concert by Keith Urban and his band. Supported by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, the event is produced by the Southern Highlands …

18th Annual Governor’s Black-Tie Invitational Grand Bash

18th Annual Governor's Black Tie Invitational Grand Bash

As an assignment photographer for LV Photo, many of the assignments are for extremely worthy causes. The 18th Annual Governors's Black-Tie Invitational Grand Bash showed just how deeply the Las Vegas community cares for its citizens. Endorsed by Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, the evening is focused on honoring the community's most deserving, and dedicated to …

The Miracle League of Las Vegas TOPSoccer Inaugural Game For Special Needs Kids

The Miracle League of Las Vegas TOPSoccer Inaugural Game for Special Needs Kids

On assignment as a roaming photographer with LV Photo definitely has its rewards, like covering The Miracle League of Las Vegas' inaugural TOPSoccer game for special needs kids. Supporting the event and donating LV Lights uniforms for the kids, Las Vegas Lights FC owner Brett Lashbrook was joined by players Juan Carlos Garcia, Miguel Angel Garduno, …

Salsa Dance Party at Mandarin Oriental Hotel – Corporate Event

Favorite Shot of the Night!

When making a return to Las Vegas, doing so at the 5-Star Mandarin Oriental Hotel is not a bad way of getting reacquainted. If the occasion just happens to be a private corporate event featuring a Salsa Dance Party, so much the better! The assignment was due to a new association with LV Photo, where …