Behind The Scenes Of Our New Header Photo

Roth Stock Digital Media - We're Press, Not Paparazzi. There's a Difference!

New header image for our "corporate" website pages. Likes? 🙂 Comments? 😀 Dislikes? 😮 Love? ❤ 😉 For those wondering about the shot ... this photo was taken shortly before the start of arrivals at the 87th Annual Academy Awards® in 2015. From the center of the photo, you are looking south across Hollywood Blvd. to …

Los Angeles Premiere of Inglourious Basterds

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attend the Los Angeles premiere of Inglourious Basterds

RED CARPET PHOTO ARCHIVES: Not working the awards shows this year. Decided it's time to actually watch and participate as a spectator for a change! So might as well publish a blog while awaiting tonight's party! 😉 #MoviePremieres #AngelinaJolie #BradPitt #QuentinTarantino #SamuelLJackson #DianeKruger #PressNotPaparazzi #RothStock #EventPhotography

Dia De Los Muertos LA: Main Stage Performances (Part 3)

Xavier Quijas Yxayotl "Splendorous Mictlan" and Dancers

This year's Dia De Los Muertos: Shamanic Visions of the Huicol festival at Hollywood Forever was a 12-hour cultural celebration in honor of those who have passed. Hollywood Forever's Lady of the Dead website has an excellent review of the ancient rituals on display at the festival. After the Sunset Shaman Ceremony featured in our Part 1 blog, then wandering through the Altars and …

Dia De Los Muertos LA: Altars and Atmosphere (Part 2)

Altars at Dia De Los Muertos - Shamanic Visions of the Huichol at Hollywood Forever

The Dia De Los Muertos festival at Hollywood Forever is a cultural experience that is a feast for the senses. The day began at noon with lots of family friendly activities, culminating with several Shaman sunset ceremonies (Dia De Los Muertos LA: Shaman Sunset Ceremony - Part 1). Featuring more than 100 altars to the …

Dia De Los Muertos LA: Shaman Sunset Ceremony (Part 1)

Dia De Los Muertos - Shamanic Visions of the Huichol at Hollywood Forever

Dia De Los Muertos came early to this year's Cultural Events calendar at Hollywood Forever with their "Shamanic Visions of the Huicol" festivities on October 24, 2015. Now in its 16th year, the festival is a celebration of traditional Mexican culture and customs. As a photojournalist working entertainment events in Hollywood, I am often presented with, …

Dia De Los Muertos LA

Dia De Los Muertos LA at Hollywood Forever

The largest cemetery altar ceremony outside of Mexico, Dia De Los Muertos LA is today at Hollywood Forever. Complete with traditional ceremonies, music and food, LOTS of food. Gates opened just a few minutes ago at noon. The event goes until 10:30pm tonight with singer/songwriter Lila Downs on the main stage at 9pm. UPDATE: Photo …

Editorial: We’re Press, Not Paparazzi. There’s a Difference!

We're Press, Not Paparazzi. There's a Difference!

In this midst of our roll out of our new #‎PressNotPaparazzi‬‬ branding campaign, that began just last Tuesday in celebration of our 20th anniversary, wow ... this article speaks to exactly why! #‎RothStock How The Fast Times Of The Paparazzi Came To A Screeching Halt by Claudia Rosenbaum BuzzFeed News Reporter Just look at that shot in the …

National Bomb Pop Day – Making of a YouTube Video – Day 1

Bomb Pop “Behind-the-Scenes” / Social Media Event

A recent assignment for PR Newswire, shooting behind-the-scenes of the making of a YouTube video for Original Bomb Pop's National Bomb Pop Day on June 25 this year, made for an outrageous two days of filming. [Day 2 on the Santa Monica Pier] Working with YouTube stars Monica Church and Shelby Church, we spent the day …