A Great Day with Life Rolls On in Huntington Beach

Life Rolls On: They Will Surf Again

From their website ... "Life Rolls On gives people the exhilaration of freedom beyond paralysis. And when we blow away physical boundaries, mental walls also fall away. ‘I can’t’ becomes ‘I DID!’ ” — Jesse Billauer, Life Rolls On Founder & Executive Director / CEO" Here is just a taste of how the day went today. All …


Life Rolls On Rolls Into Huntington Beach

Life Rolls On in Huntington Beach

So what are you doing tomorrow? I'll be playing in the sand ... with a long lens ... a Panama hat ... and a really big smile! 😀 We'll be next to the 9th street lifeguard shack just north of the pier off Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach from 8am to 3pm. It's going to be …