National Bomb Pop Day – Making of a YouTube Video – Day 2

Bomb Pop “Behind the Scenes” / Social Media Event

National Bomb Pop Day: Making of a YouTube Video at the Santa Monica Pier When receiving the assignment from PR Newswire to do a corporate branding/consumer event on the Santa Monica Pier, with brand ambassadors handing out frozen treats to visitors, my reaction was, "What a fun idea ... Let's do this!" 😀 I love events where …


Mischief on the Santa Monica Pier

Bomb Pop SWAG!

Too much fun yesterday on set for PR Newswire and Original Bomb Pop  and now I can finally say where ... on the Santa Monica Pier! And I have to say ... I love it when there's good SWAG! We gave away SO. MUCH. FREE. STUFF!!! Security had to keep telling us, you can't give that …