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Life Rolls On Skateboard Demonstration to Benefit Spinal Cord Research

Life Rolls On Skateboard Demonstration to Benefit Spinal Cord Research at Venice Skatepark today. UPDATED: 7/25/2015 -- 6pm: Spent the better part of 6 solid hours in the center of the skatepark today. From my perch, I was surrounded by constant activity in all directions. Everywhere I turned, something was happening. Amazing stuff ... adaptive athletes …

So Much for My Quiet Beach Spot

El Porto Beach in Manhattan Beach, California

Wow, you would think summer started or something! Took my normal lunch break at the beach today ... well ... not really so normal. Where the heck did all these people come from? It's 2pm ... on a Monday! Don't you have to be somewhere??!!! #SummerAtTheBeach #DontBeatEmJoinEm #TouristsForLunch #NomNom