Life Rolls On Adaptive Athletes Demonstration

"Wheels" performs at Life Rolls On "They Will SKATE Again"

As a photojournalist in Hollywood, I have covered many, many events over the years. For a while there, 150 events per year was the average. How many events in total have I covered? I can't possibly tell you. How many have affected me the way the Life Rolls On Adaptive Athletes Demonstration to Benefit Spinal …

Life Rolls On Skateboard Demonstration

Life Rolls On "They Will SKATE Again"

Over the weekend, the Life Rolls On Foundation hosted their "They Will SKATE Again" event at the Venice Skatepark in Venice, California. Among other events in the morning was a skateboard demonstration by some truly talented skaters from around the region. I met Michael (below) right after I arrived. He seemed pumped to get the day …

Today’s Office

Life Rolls On Skateboard Demonstration to Benefit Spinal Cord Research

Life Rolls On Skateboard Demonstration to Benefit Spinal Cord Research at Venice Skatepark today. UPDATED: 7/25/2015 -- 6pm: Spent the better part of 6 solid hours in the center of the skatepark today. From my perch, I was surrounded by constant activity in all directions. Everywhere I turned, something was happening. Amazing stuff ... adaptive athletes …

Paradise Cove, Malibu, California

Paradise Cove, Malibu, California

It's been a while since I've driven the 101 freeway west on a Sunday afternoon. It was just fine until about a mile to my exit to pick up a friend for lunch. That last mile took as long as the entire drive so far ... ugh! Managed to pick up my friend and we took …

So Much for My Quiet Beach Spot

El Porto Beach in Manhattan Beach, California

Wow, you would think summer started or something! Took my normal lunch break at the beach today ... well ... not really so normal. Where the heck did all these people come from? It's 2pm ... on a Monday! Don't you have to be somewhere??!!! #SummerAtTheBeach #DontBeatEmJoinEm #TouristsForLunch #NomNom

Where it All Began

Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, California

Hmmm ... thought I had posted this one! After reworking our About Us section last night, I came across this photo today, taken last April. Our computers were behind the blinds (open at that time) to the left of the door nearest the corner when the company was founded on January 1, 1995. #ThrowBack #PointOfOrigin …

Mischief on the Santa Monica Pier

Bomb Pop SWAG!

Too much fun yesterday on set for PR Newswire and Original Bomb Pop  and now I can finally say where ... on the Santa Monica Pier! And I have to say ... I love it when there's good SWAG! We gave away SO. MUCH. FREE. STUFF!!! Security had to keep telling us, you can't give that …