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Film & Television Projects: 

“On a personal note … all satisfy my company’s mission and my personal goals in that each of these feature films come with a socially conscious message. — Lee Roth, Roth Stock Pictures

MISSION: We seek to bring quality content to market that will engage audiences on all platforms.

It has been said that show business is 5% show and 95% business. For filmmakers, Roth Stock Pictures is the bridge between the two.

  • Our search is open to all genres. We like to focus on well-developed characters and a diverse cast.
  • Projects with strong female leads are well-received.
  • → Preference is given to original stories with a socially conscious message. ←

Four Strings - A Film by Gregory Poppen

22 - No One Ever Told Me That War Follows You Home

Back On The Water - One Family's Extraordinary Quest For Gold

No Rest For The Brave - The Story You Never Knew

On Winters Bay - A Film by Michael Bofshever - Based on Curmudgeon by Midwest Book Award Winner Donald Lystra

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Poster Art In Development

Feature Film: In Development
Screenwriter: David Rattray
When a fast food worker discovers his favorite video game is real and he’s been unwittingly controlling deadly assassins for a secret govt agency, he must become the ultimate secret agent to stop the villains, save the world and find love.
·  Wasters (IMDb)

Call Back

Poster Art In Development

Feature Film: In Development
Screenwriter: Lance Catania
Two struggling actresses. One role. What’s the worst that could happen?

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