Film Development and Production Services

We Are The Bridge Between Creative and Business

In the film and television business, think of Roth Stock Pictures as the bridge between creative and business. We are story driven first and foremost. That is always our main priority. However, once a good story has been identified, our instincts quickly turn mercenary in order to get your project financed and into theaters, on broadcast and cable, streaming, in hotel and airline systems, and anywhere else we can get your content in front of an audience!

Roth Stock Pictures: Film Development and Production Services

Roth Stock Pictures, in association with Moving Pictures Media Group (MPMG), serves as production management. We do not take interest in your intellectual property, and we do not take creative control. With MPMG’s vast production pipeline, we can literally fill any missing role in your development situation.

It’s been said before, the film industry is 5% creative and 95% business. We take the business part off your shoulders in order to free up creatives to be … well … creative!

Below is an Introduction to Film and Television Development with filmmaker Lee Roth. This is an abbreviated version of a 90-minute talk we have with all of our clients so, there is more info to come for those who have projects ready for development.

Our THANKS to Lisa Osborn Lisa Osborn Voice Oversfor producing and conducting
this GREAT interview!


Roth Stock Pictures Expands into
Film Development and Production Services

From Development Funding
All the Way Through Delivery and Distribution!

HOLLYWOOD, CA – JUNE 29, 2018 — Roth Stock Pictures is very pleased to announce a new relationship with Moving Pictures Media Group (MPMG) to provide development and production services to the motion picture industry. Our founder, Lee Roth, will be working as a Development Executive in association with MPMG.

Having worked in entertainment since 1995, and specifically as a consultant in film finance for the past three years, Lee said, “This is an exciting opportunity for us to expand services to the independent film community. The vast network of industry resources that MPMG has assembled is impressive. Our new association will enable me to get involved in projects at a much earlier stage of their development.”

In the past, producers have had to meet very stringent conditions in order to satisfy capital financiers (having to secure A-List talent, securing 50% of financing, etc.). Lee states, ”In the past, a project had to have all this in place before I could even talk with you. Today, if you’re a writer or producer and all you have is a good script and synopsis, we will be able to assist your production much earlier in the process. Our ultimate goal is to shepherd your film from development funding all the way through delivery and distribution!”

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