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Lee Roth – Development Executive / Producer

Lee Roth, Producer

Lee Roth began producing entertainment content in 1995 when he opened one of the very first web design studios, evolving over the years into what is known today as Roth Stock Pictures.

With an initial client focus on computer game producers and television studios, Lee also offered photography services to his entertainment clients. Early in 1997 he won the WebDweeb web design contest for HBO’s U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, launching his career in Hollywood.

As an online producer, Lee participated in several combined broadcast/internet firsts including VIBe (The CW Network – 1997), the first late night talk show to go live online, and Sinbad’s Soul Music Festival Part IV from Aruba (HBO – 1998), the first event live online from the Caribbean.

In 2001, Lee’s cameras took him on-set to shoot production stills for independent film and television, as well as to the press line at Hollywood’s most prestigious events, including the Academy Awards® and Screen Actors Guild Awards®. Lee’s was the second digital camera on the red carpet.

In 2015, Lee began working directly with European film financiers advising them on feature film and television project submissions. Since that time, Lee has read hundreds of scripts and currently works independently as a development executive and producer.

The one constant in Lee’s career? Producing content. The platform has been in evolution the entire time!

“All you need is a good script and a synopsis, keyword being “good,” and we can take you all the way to delivery and distribution!” — Lee Roth, Development Executive / Producer.

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