Sands of Silence – Special Screening to Fight Human Trafficking

Special Screening of "Sands of Silence" Benefitting Fundación de Sobrevivientes de Tráfico Humano 501(c)3

Virginia Isaias shared her harrowing experience of being kidnapped, along with her infant daughter, and the abuse she endured at the hands of her tormentors who were human sex traffickers.

Production Stills On Set of The Stoneman

The Stoneman Production Stills - Pat Morita, Chris Atkins, Robin Riker

Having begun my Hollywood career shooting production stills for HBO and Pay-Per-View, it was exciting to land my first independent film gig on the set of "The Stoneman".

Fireworks at Disneyland

4th of July Fireworks

Friends of mine live in Anaheim near Disneyland. They are close enough that literally every night is like the 4th of July as you can view the fireworks from their front yard. Because the setting is basically a dark neighborhood, I decided the best way to shoot last year's 4th of July was to zoom …

SCTA Land Speed Races: 2017 Season Opener

Driver Cal Rothe of Aardema Braun Lattin on his 222.464 mph run.

This was my third time to have the honor to photograph the SCTA Land Speed Races (LSR) at El Mirage Dry Lake near Adelanto, California (links to past coverage follow the gallery below). Each time, I learn more about the races, the vehicles, and SCTA - Southern California Timing Association. Together with Bonneville Nationals, Inc. …

SCTA Land Speed Races: 2016 Season Opener

Driver William Freudiger of Hall Clark on his 253.558 mph run at SCTA - Southern California Timing Association's Land Speed Races at El Mirage Dry Lake

A day at the Land Speed Races is just like any other race day. And yet, it is also unlike any other race day, except that it is held in a remote area of the Mojave Desert at El Mirage Dry Lake, California! (NOTE: We used the Official Results posted in the SCTA site for driver and …

BTS – Curacao Father’s Day Commercial Shoot

Curacao Father's Day Commercial

Shooting a television commercial is just like shooting a movie, only you have 30 to 60 seconds to tell your story instead of 90 minutes or so. This shoot for a Father's Day television commercial for Curacao stores was produced by Onac Pictures in Los Angeles. Just like in a movie, the director plans each shot. …

The Origins of the Name Roth Stock

My memorial to Old School days! A lot of people don't know the origin of the name Roth Stock for my company. Back in the "Old Days" when movies were actually shot on FILM (the F-word!) ... If you ran out of film and you had maybe, three pages of dialogue left, you didn't want …

Connie Cycling Foundation Training Future Champions

Cyclist Katie Russalov

There are so many specialties in photography, viewers are generally not aware of what it takes to get. that. shot! Having only shot inside a velodrome once before, for Connie Cycling Foundation (CCF) a few weeks prior to this shoot (photo blog), I was eager to get back to the oval and see if I could outperform the earlier …

So Much Racing Going On!

Lee Roth working the Starting Line at SCTA - Southern California Timing Association Land Speed Races

From Connie Cycling Foundation in the velodrome to the SCTA - Southern California Timing Association's Land Speed Races at El Mirage Dry Lake, it's been a fast few weeks! While we prepare the blog for the races, thought you might enjoy a little teaser video. This is what is sounds like at the starting line …

Connie Cycling Foundation at Velo Sports Center

Connie Cycling Foundation

With her Connie Cycling Foundation, 5X Olympian Connie Paraskevin is determined to help people get active and healthy through her lifelong love of cycling. "Whether it's around the neighborhood or around the Olympic track; it doesn't matter." says Connie. "What matters is that kids ride." Founded in 2005 with support from the LA84 Foundation and the StubHub! …