Projects In Development

Projects in Development: 

“On a personal note … all satisfy my company’s mission and my personal goals in that each of these feature films come with a socially conscious message.

I’m very glad that Roth Stock Pictures is working in association with Moving Pictures Media Group. We make a great team!” — Lee Roth on Facebook — 9/12/2019

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Four Strings

Four Strings Movie, a film by Gregory Poppen

Feature Film: Pre-Production
Screenwriter: Gregory Poppen
A coming of age story about a troubled 16 year old girl in foster care in Hawaii, whose path to empowerment begins when a mysterious old man teaches her the ukulele – and she makes it to the World Ukulele Championships in Honolulu.
· FourStringsMovie.Com
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22: An intense story of Marines in Afghanistan and their adjustment to life at home after witnessing the horrors of combat.

Feature Film: In Development
Screenwriters: Steven Paul Taylor and Bradley Allen Melson
After witnessing the death of his brother in combat, a traumatized young marine struggles internally while seeking help that becomes increasingly difficult to obtain.

Back On The Water

Back On The Water

Feature Film: In Development
Screenwriter: Owen Palmiotti
It is said that true champions are measured not by their medals, but by their legacy.

No Rest For The Brave

No Rest for the Brave: The Story You Never Knew

Feature Film: In Development
Screenwriter: Gustavo Freitas
A Navy Petty Officer denounces an illegal scheme to sell weapons to Iran using the USS Kitty Hawk and ends up involved in the Iran-Contra affair. Based on the memoirs Running Scared, written by Navy Petty Officer Robert W. Jackson.

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