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MISSION: We bring compelling content to market engaging audiences on all platforms.

  • We are story-driven first and foremost.
  • Our search is open to all genres, with current emphasis on the first 4 listed below. 
  • Projects with strong female leads and/or a diverse cast are well-received.
  • Preference is given to original, unique stories with well-developed characters. 

What We Are Looking For:

Updated 8/19/2022 — Due to market changes, we have modified the types of projects we are seeking. Today we seek projects with budgets from $1M to $5M, and, if warranted, $15M to $25M. Lighthearted fare is the preference today.

Production insurance and completion bonds are still difficult to secure as they explicitly exclude Covid shutdowns, or they are extremely expensive if they don’t. Fortunately, this situation is expected to ease by spring 2023, so we are preparing projects for pre-pro this fall. Therefore, we are seeking new projects to put into development so they are ready as soon as the logjam breaks.

Genres in bold italics below are most in demand. If your project has at least a director or an A-Lister committed for the lead, it may be possible to fast track development.

  • Action/Adventure ←
  • Comedy/Rom-Com ←
  • Horror ← (no slashers!)
  • Thriller ←
  • Biography
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • History
  • Mystery/Suspense
  • Romance/Romantic Comedy
  • Sci-fi/Fantasy
  • War/Western

PLEASE NOTE: We do not accept unsolicited materials. Please send a logline and budget amount only in your initial inquiry. Additional materials in initial inquiries or sent via email before being requested, will be deleted and will disqualify your project from consideration!

Our Privacy Policy:

  • The only info we collect is that which you submit to us via our websites, email and social media.
  • We only share your information with our production partners after we have reached a contractual agreement with you to do so.
  • Short. Sweet. Simple. We don’t sell your stuff!

Additional Information:

  • We review all inquiries and reply as quickly as possible, in the order in which received.
  • If we want to see additional materials like your synopsis or script, we will ask for it.
  • For the protection of your intellectual property, we do not accept scripts that have not been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, or the appropriate Intellectual Property office in the Country of Origin.
  • For foreign scripts, they may be registered with the copyright, intellectual property or other appropriate official government entity in the country of origin, or with the U.S. Copyright Office (linked above).
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