Premiere of “The Yellow Handkerchief”

Here's the premiere of "The Yellow Handkerchief", where traditionally low-key Kristen Stewart really gave it to me that night ... so much eye contact and playfulness! And Eddie Remayne, up for yet another Oscar this year, also gave a few smiles. It was a great night!

Editorial: We’re Press, Not Paparazzi. There’s a Difference!

We're Press, Not Paparazzi. There's a Difference!

In this midst of our roll out of our new #‎PressNotPaparazzi‬‬ branding campaign, that began just last Tuesday in celebration of our 20th anniversary, wow ... this article speaks to exactly why! #‎RothStock How The Fast Times Of The Paparazzi Came To A Screeching Halt by Claudia Rosenbaum BuzzFeed News Reporter Just look at that shot in the …

Editorial: In the Entertainment Business, They are Not Our “Fans”

Johnny Depp attends the 11th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Working the red carpets of Hollywood's most prestigious events, one quickly catches on to who gets it, and who doesn't. Who interacts with people, and who comes down the carpet, hits their mark for photos, and passes on down the line. Then, there are those who simply duck the whole process and use the side …

Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball – After the Ball

What an absolutely fun-filed two-day fantasy full of fairies, elves, dwarves, goblins and so many more purely indescribable wonders! This year's Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball was one of the biggest event shoots this photographer has. ever. had. the. pleasure. to capture! 😀 Stay tuned for some massive photo blogs coming up! 😉

Editorial: Background Extras and Fame in Hollywood

20th Century Fox Studios

If you are a regular reader of this blog, first ... THANK YOU! There are not a lot of you ... yet. 😉 But, you have probably figured out by now that I'm a background extra in the newly released comedy "Ted 2". And I'll admit, I've been having fun saying hey, I'm on camera! …

Inner City Youth Programs

I've been reminded this morning about a couple of very important things I learned early on in my days in Hollywood from a truly stand up funny man named Sinbad. He lives by what he says, and as he did with me, he often says, "You gotta give the next guy his break." And one …