Reopening Hollywood in a COVID World

Reopening Hollywood in a COVID World

Latest Update: December 23, 2020 In today's world of COVID-19, restarting television and film production is a topic facing close analysis worldwide. From logistics to craft service to wardrobe and even director's chairs, everything about production is being scrutinized. Lee Roth and Roth Stock Pictures have been following the topic closely since mid-April, when Lee …

Joker Is Most Definitely, Absolutely Not a Superhero Movie!

Joker: Now Playing

Wow! OK ... We'll start with that! Next? The controversy ... Did Warner Bros. Entertainment​ glorify the character? Most definitely, absolutely not! Did they adore the character and put him up on a pedestal? Well ... there's that one scene ... This is most definitely, absolutely -NOT- a superhero movie! Joker ​ is a deep …

So Just What is Film Development Anyway?

Roth Stock Pictures: Film Development and Production Services

Roth Stock Pictures Our intention is to keep you updated on projects we’re working on, and to provide resources for filmmakers who are seeking information about how to get their film or television projects into production. In short, that’s what we do! Consider us a one-stop-shop for development and production services. Whatever pieces you already …

Production Stills On Set of The Stoneman

The Stoneman Production Stills - Pat Morita, Chris Atkins, Robin Riker

Having begun my Hollywood career shooting production stills for HBO and Pay-Per-View, it was exciting to land my first independent film gig on the set of "The Stoneman".

Long Production Days!

Conner4Real starring Andy Samberg, In theaters June 3, 2016.

Ugh ... 11 hours on set Monday, almost 14 hours on set Tuesday. Exhausted, make that completely spent, satisfied, excited, needing more sleep. Starring Andy Samberg, from the team at The Lonely Island, "Conner4Real" ... in theaters June 3, 2016. This is going to be One. Funny. Movie! And that has to be the fastest …