A Tease for the Labyrinth to Come!

Debi Magruder (center) and guests attend the 18th Annual Labyrinth Of Jareth Masquerade Ball

After spending Friday and Saturday nights completely immersed in the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball, I can honestly say ... ... stay tuned for some of the MOST FUN, COSPLAY, FANTASY-FILLED, COLORFUL photo blogs yet posted in this site! 😀 Yeah ... there are too many photos for just one blog! 😉 Want to attend next …

Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball – After the Ball

What an absolutely fun-filed two-day fantasy full of fairies, elves, dwarves, goblins and so many more purely indescribable wonders! This year's Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball was one of the biggest event shoots this photographer has. ever. had. the. pleasure. to capture! 😀 Stay tuned for some massive photo blogs coming up! 😉