25 Years … and Counting!

Santa Monica Pier Sunset on New Years Eve 2020

New Year, New Cameras, New Projects January 1, 2020: As the sun sets on 2019 and we celebrate 25 years of creating entertaining content, it's time to reflect on the past a bit, highlight new low-light mirrorless cameras, and look forward to our projects in development. Lee Roth: Creating Entertaining Content Since 1995 Lee Roth …

Production Stills On Set of The Stoneman

The Stoneman Production Stills - Pat Morita, Chris Atkins, Robin Riker

Having begun my Hollywood career shooting production stills for HBO and Pay-Per-View, it was exciting to land my first independent film gig on the set of "The Stoneman".

BTS – Curacao Father’s Day Commercial Shoot

Curacao Father's Day Commercial

Shooting a television commercial is just like shooting a movie, only you have 30 to 60 seconds to tell your story instead of 90 minutes or so. This shoot for a Father's Day television commercial for Curacao stores was produced by Onac Pictures in Los Angeles. Just like in a movie, the director plans each shot. …