This is Why We Say We’re Press Not Paparazzi

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California

Had my camera with me today to do a little bit of street shooting after a meeting in Beverly Hills. My real interest was to catch some of the high end cars that tend to head down Rodeo Drive. When walking back to my Jeep, I see Brian Grazer seated at a sidewalk cafe, talking …

Chinatown Lanterns


On a recent bright springtime morning, the sunlight coming through the lanterns in the pathways of Los Angeles' Chinatown was simply amazing! These are just a few celly shots. Yes, the hi-res camera was with me, and yes, I'll be going back for more! 😉 Click the thumbnails below to view full-size photos.

Prop Shopping in Hollywood

Prop Shopping in Hollywood

Can I buy a vowel? Why yes, yes you can! There are definitely some quirky shops around Hollywood. It can make for fun days of discovery while prop shopping for upcoming shoots. Ended up with mundane, normal stuff though ... two new desks and an executive chair. They wouldn't sell the TV, and the horse is a …