This is Why We Say We’re Press Not Paparazzi

Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California

Had my camera with me today to do a little bit of street shooting after a meeting in Beverly Hills. My real interest was to catch some of the high end cars that tend to head down Rodeo Drive. When walking back to my Jeep, I see Brian Grazer seated at a sidewalk cafe, talking …

Chinatown Lanterns


On a recent bright springtime morning, the sunlight coming through the lanterns in the pathways of Los Angeles' Chinatown was simply amazing! These are just a few celly shots. Yes, the hi-res camera was with me, and yes, I'll be going back for more! 😉 Click the thumbnails below to view full-size photos.

Photo Shoot for the U.S. Census Bureau

U.S. Census Bureau - Los Angeles Test Site Documentation

Have you been thinking about the 2020 Census yet? Your Federal Government has! Editing photos from this week's very vital photo assignment from PR Newswire, and the Feds have decided I'm not so much of a risk after all. So I can now say I have been photographing for the United States Census Bureau. I cannot talk …

Motorcycle By Knight

Motorcycle By Knight

With everyone posting photos of the welcome #ElNino #LARain today, I thought this shot, taken near Fox Studios with a dashboard cam (and yeah .... filtered around just a bit!), was especially "LA." I also thought my costuming friends might appreciate this particular Sir Knight's dedication to his craft! 😉 Additional Resources: 20th Century Fox We’re …

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2016!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy New Year and All The Best for 2016! We look forward to bringing you lots more fun event coverage in the year[s] 😉 ahead! 😀 We’re Press, Not Paparazzi. There’s a Difference! Available For Assignment Worldwide! Follow Our Hashtags! Facebook: #PressNotPaparazzi #RothStock Twitter: #PressNotPaparazzi #RothStock

The Rise of David Bowie & Co.

The Rise of David Bowie & Co. at the Taschen Gallery

Knowing my many Labyrinth of Jareth friends will appreciate this, I made it a point to stop the other day to grab some smartphone street photography shots of this mural at the Taschen Gallery in Los Angeles. Celebrating Mick Rock's Shooting For Stardust, The Rise of David Bowie & Co. is on exhibit through October …

Food Truck Controversy Brews in LA

LA Food Trucks

The appeal of specialty and gourmet food trucks in Los Angeles is definitely part of the lifestyle here. As a photojournalist, I have always thought it would be interesting to do a feature on them. Now seems to be the time as controversy stirs at City Hall. Evidently, a private firm is moving in to require space …

Back to the Pretty Pictures

Pre-Solstice Palms

Apologies for the flood of text in the blog entries below. Those posts used to exist as pages in this site. While the resultant somewhat lengthy menu worked fine on desktops, it was a nightmare of scrolling for our visitors using mobile devices. So, in effect, this was a site redesign overnight to streamline things. We …