Andrés Otero, Executive Producer at Somos Creative

Eva Longoria enjoys time with the honorees.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Lee when producing events in L.A. Lee is an experienced photographer that knows how to balance demanding clients and subjects. He brings the right amount of candor and professionalism to jobs, helping clients feel at ease and relieving the pressure from –often stressed, celebrities. Lee is also a fast shooter and quick planner, which translates into amazing shots and happy clients. (1/9/2018)

Juliana Siqueira, Associate Product Manager – Multimedia at PR Newswire

Bomb Pop “Behind-the-Scenes” / Social Media Event

A talent like Lee Roth it’s hard to come by. I first hired Lee as a freelance photographer in May, 2015 after seeing his portfolio online and he’s completed five flawless projects for PR Newswire since then.

Lee has then become my go-to photographer in the LA area and I am happy to say that working with him has always given me peace of mind; I know that he is going to deliver! Lee is not only an extremely talented photographer, but his positive attitude puts him at a higher level. He goes above and beyond to meet the expectations, and always impresses me with his ability to handle even the most demanding clients.

Lee Roth is without a doubt an amazing addition to any project and earns my highest recommendation. — (11/7/2015)

Tamara Christopherson, Southern California Chapter President of US Olympians & Paralympians

SoCal Olympians & Paralympians 2014 Holiday Party

Southern California Olympians and Paralympains worked with Lee on several public and private events and the results speak for themselves. Our members have memories captured for a lifetime by Lee’s work. — (8/26/2015)

Peridot – Costume Artist

18th Annual Labyrinth Of Jareth Masquerade Ball

Love this blog! Great description of the most wonderful event. I’ve been attending since ’07. It’s hard to explain how amazing LoJ is, but you are doing it! — [In reference to our Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball – Early Saturday blog post.] — (8/26/2015)

Claire Smitty – Costume Designer

Kat Sheridan, Claire Smitty, C.j. Canne and Yevgen Ivanov

Yay!! How amazing!! His work is brilliant and I think it was his first time!! Thanks Cleo for showing me!! Glowy eyes came out and everything!! ❤

— [In reference to a photo of Claire and her friends being selected as the cover shot for our Labyrinth Of Jareth Masquerade Ball – Early Saturday Night blog, and this photographer’s first time covering the gala event. ;)] — (8/25/2015)

Juliana Siqueira, Associate Product Manager – Multimedia at PR Newswire

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant and Rocksbox Partner to Celebrate Friendship

I am so glad to hear both you and the client had a good time during the shoot! I’m looking forward to seeing the images. Keep doing what you are doing, Lee! I can totally tell you have an amazing and charismatic personality (and lots of talent too, of course). — (6/11/2015)

Rebecca Battle, Owner of Battle Studios

Lee is a walking powerhouse. I have immense admiration for his talent, energy and broad wealth of knowledge of photography and digital and social media. And that’s just three of the skill sets that are in his tool box that includes teaching. He’s reliable not only as an employee and contractor but also as a colleague when seeking that sage advice. (3/25/2013)

Candice Murray, Vice President Enterprise Business Development at LicenseStream

Lee is an extremely hard working, caring professional. He manages and balances the creative and business side of his business wonderfully. His passion for what he does is apparent at all times; it is admirable. It is a pleasure working with Lee! (6/29/2010)